Who we are

The Rye Professional Firefighters are made up of a 21 member local who have been serving the people of Rye since 1919. Originally hired to provide the fire department with a staff of drivers, the job has evolved with the growing demands and needs of the community. As the population and demographics of Rye have changed over the years, our membership has been dispatched on an increasing number of alarms. 

Local 2029 is a member of the International Association of Firefighters, AFL-CIO.

As early as 1919, the Rye Fire Department employed Career Firefighters to serve as drivers. Since then, the City has hired a total of 50 Career Firefighters. Our latest hire was in September of 2017.

Today the Local is made up of 21 Career Firefighters, four groups of five, working 24 hours shifts, with one Career LT/Fire Inspector. Members of the Local bring with them diverse backgrounds, from working in the financial sector to building construction, all with the same goal of protecting the citizens of Rye and those who are passing through.

To become a Professional Firefighter, candidates must take a county civil service test, an agility test, and if hired by the city, complete the Career Fire Academy. Over the course of 17 weeks of intensive classroom and physical work, the Career Fire Academy prepares candidates for the best job in the world. Upon graduation, probationary firefighters receive national certifications in Firefighter I,II, and Hazard Materials, along with over 25 New York State Fire certifications. 

Honor Roll

Below is a list of retired Career Firefighters who served the City of Rye. The same list can be found in our dayroom at fire headquarters. 

Joseph Haig - Retired 1937

Matthew Balls - Retired 1938

Raymond Hare - 5/24/1948-2/15/1953

Robert Dickey - 10/6/1926-1/31/1957

Leander Ferris - 10/1/1919-1/1/1966

Vincent O'Mara - 12/7/1936-12/31/1968

John Baron - 2/1/1952-5/6/1973

Joseph Pasquale - 7/10/1961-6/9/1974

Charles Phelps - 2/23/1953-7/30/1978

Robert Billington - 1/1/1959-11/20/1980

Ernest Fornander - 2/1/1949-1/1/1981

Edward T. Dempsey - 9/1/1949-7/31/1984

Daniel Coughlin - 2/1/1949-8/31/1985

Roger Olsen - 11/16/1963-9/30/1988

Robert Slater - 7/15/1962-6/29/1991

Peter Evans - 2/2/1974-7/15/1991

Jack Miley - 2/1/1957-2/1/1992

Kevin White - 7/6/1971-1/23/1993

Frank J. Lalla - 10/20/1966-3/31/1993

Vincent A. DiBuono - 6/17/1967-12/30/1997

John M. Wickham - 12/18/1979-10/31/1999

William B. Vogeler - 1/18/1965-3/10/2001

Thomas Amico - 1/1/1973-12/1/2002

Herbert Harriott - 1/1/1969-1/8/2005

Bruce T. Kerr - 8/13/1985-7/4/2010

James W. Dianni - 1/1/1973-3/31/2012

Todd Barnum - 10/3/1988-5/3/2014

Harold Aken - 7/13/1992-7/17/2016

Dan DeCarlo - 1/5/1981-7/30/2016