Staffed for Failure Continues

In the 7th month of this year 2015, the mayor is ready to focus his attention on a top priority of which he outlined in the state of the city address back in January: the fire department. 

It took 232 days, but the day has finally come. The clock is still ticking, don't get too excited, but at the last city council meeting, Mayor Sack announced that he would be creating a fire department study group. The group will consist of the mayor, Councilman Mecca (volunteer member of the fire department), Councilwoman Bucci, and the three volunteer chiefs. No career staff member was named, although the mayor did leave it open that additional firefighters would be added to his committee. 

The mayor would like the study group to focus on all aspects of the department citing issues with management, staffing, and recruitment. The goal of the group is to gather as much information as possible and make a presentation to the council during the budget season. 

So now we wait... 233, 234, 235.